What Are the Various Types of Testosterone Therapy

The amount of testosterone human body produces naturally gradually declines over time. It begins falling as men cross 30, and drops further increasingly as they continue to age. Although ageing is the primary cause of low levels of testosterone, other factors can also contribute to the declining of this crucial hormone, such as an acute illness, obesity, metabolic syndrome, stress, and prostate cancer. Since testosterone is one of the male sex hormones that determines how fit, fat, or strong you are, the optimal levels of it is essentially required within the body. Deficiency of Testosterone not only affects a man's sex drive, energy, muscle mass, bone density and mood, but also predisposes them to some worst problems like male breast enhancement, or male breast growth. Most men think that this hormonal depletion can not be revived and often accept these symptoms as a normal part of getting older. But this is not the case. Restoring hormone levels in the normal range is now possible. You must be wondering, how! Well, with the help of various testosterone delivery methods and herbal supplements such as testosteronspiegel erhöhen , you can enhance the natural production of testosterone within your body. In this article we will discuss about various testosterone enhancing methods that have long been considered to be helpful in increasing the amounts of this important hormone in the body.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

If you think you are experiencing low testosterone and related symptoms despite making the necessary and positive modifications in your diet and lifestyle, then you may want to consider taking testosterone supplements. There are two types of supplemental testosterone available- natural, herbal formulas and prescription only pharmaceuticals, other than anabolic steroids which could be dangerous for health.

Herbal Testosterone Boosters - These are products which contain pure natural  botanicals (plant-derived extracts) such as Chrysin, Maca etc., as well as essential minerals and vitamins that are blended in a way to reduce estrogen in your system and boost testosterone production and sperm counts. These herbal preparations contain no harmful chemicals thus do not pose health risks and/or potential side effects. The best thing about herbal testosterone boosters is that they cost much less than prescription testosterone preparations.

Prescription testosterone Boosters - Topical testosterone options include prescription only gels, creams, and patches that are applied directly to the skin. But you need to be extra cautious while using these products as exposure to them may predispose pregnant women to birth defects and women and gil child to develop male features. There are prescription-only drugs like testosterone injections that come to in this category. These shots need to be administered twice in a month by a doctor or nurse practitioner. There can be many side effects and risks associated with Testosterone shots. In the summary, we will recommend you to get help only from herbal supplements like Ciavil.