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12.31.07Live video from the AMA showcase!

Many thanks to Steve Hassenplug for filming, producing, and uploading some great video from the 11.03.07 AMA showcase at the Cannery Ballroom.
Check it out, along with other live Mike Farris video, on the video page.

12.17.07Philadelphia Inquirer names 'Salvation in Lights' one of the top country/roots albums of 2007!

Mike Farris, Salvation in Lights (INO/Columbia). The rocker turns to gospel and, using standards and originals, tells a rousing tale of redemption that mirrors his own back-from-the-depths story.
- Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer

Nick Cristiano's Top 10 Country/Roots Albums of 2007

12.13.07Live on "Blue Plate Special" this morning!

Sorry for the late notice, but Mike's performance this morning (11:30am) will be streaming live from wdvx.com

12.12.07Shopping is a little easier...

You've asked, we've answered! Shopping at the Mike Farris store using Paypal just got a bit easier, with the addition of "View Cart" and "Continue Shopping" buttons. Thanks for your feedback and happy shopping! 

11.30.07Download some MORE LIVE Mike Farris, for FREE

These downloads will require some basic knowledge of Bit Torrent. Here is a Bit Torrent FAQ
Special thanks once again to Mark E for recording these show and making them available online!

11.29.07HOLIDAY SALE!!!

$7.99 Salvation Sale! For the holidays, ALL merch is $7.99, unless otherwise noted

11.28.07Contest winner!

Congratulations to Mike Farris fan Elizabeth Forbes, who has been chosen as the winner of  the contest from October's e-mail newsletter. Elizabeth will receive a signed copy of "Salvation in Lights," "Goodnight Sun," "Walk With the Sun," and the 7" vinyl single for "Time To Burn."
The new newsletter will be going out any day now. The contest was such a popular feature that we're going to continue it - if that isn't a reason to join the Mike Farris mailing list right now, we don't know what is!!!

11.27.07Live video - "The Lonely Road" from "The Kitchen Sink"

Check out this great live video of "The Lonely Road," from Mike's performance on "The Kitchen Sink" on The Gospel Music Channel:

"The Lonely Road" - exclusive live video

11.26.07PopMatters review of "Salvation in Lights"

11.20.07Record of the year!

Christianitytoday.com has voted "Salvation in Lights" the best Christian record of 2007!!! 

11.16.07Rave reviews from the Americana Music Assocation Festival

"Sometimes you have to go through hell to reach heaven, & watching Mike Farris perform songs off “Salvation In Lights” with a full band, I’d have to think someone earned his wings. Fantastic Show bordering on a religious experience."
- Larry Timko, WIKX, Charlotte Harbor/Fort Meyers, FL
For this and many other rave reviews from the AMA's, read this story: Mike Farris continues to create a buzz

11.15.07Great American Country

Great American Country (GAC) is airing an interview with Mike this weekend!

Mike sat down with them during the AMA convention a few weeks back, and we're thrilled to get the attention! Check local listings to catch it. Also, a heads up on the Mike Farris newsletter "SHOUT!": a brand new one is coming real soon! Be sure and sign up to receive yours! It's a great way to stay in touch with alllll that's going on.

11.14.07"The Kitchen Sink" on the Gospel Music Channel

Mike has been asked by the Gospel Music Channel to pen the theme music for their new show entitled "The Kitchen Sink." Additionally, the show will be featuring "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" as the show's opening theme. 
"The Gospel Music Channel (GMC) will give fans a weekly dose of everything Christian/gospel music in the new weekly primetime series The Kitchen Sink set to premiere this Sat. Nov. 17 at 8:00 p.m."
For more information on the show, check out this press release

11.11.07Download some LIVE Mike Farris, for FREE

Fire up your bit torrent client of choice and head over to etree to download the show from The Basement in Nashville, 08.18.07.
Special thanks to Mark E for recording this show and making it available online!

11.09.07Sony Connect Set now available for $5.99!

For those that have been wondering how they can pick up the recently released Sony Connect set, visit the Sony Connect store*.
Please note: in order to use Sony's service, you'll need Internet Explorer and will need to download their Sonicstage application. More details from them when you visit their site.
Set list:
1. Devil Don't Sleep
2. Know Good, Know How
3. The Lonely Road
4. Selah! Selah!
5. Change Is Gonna Come
6. Little Drummer Boy 

11.02.07Live Video from Porter Wagoner tribute

"Green Green Grass of Home" 

11.01.07Video from last night...

10.22.07Mike Farris store is back up!

The official Mike Farris store is back up! Head on over there for limited edition vinyl, cds, posters, and stickers!

10.12.07Reg's Coffee House...

Here are the online radio partners who will air Mike's upcoming Reg's Coffeehouse interview/instudio perfromance this Sunday 10/14.  Additional information regarding the appearance can be found at www.regscoffeehouse.com
The local affiliate broadcast in Birmingham for those in the area is WYSF airing from 11 AM - 1 PM CST

Decorah, IA

Steamboat Springs, CO

Jackson Hole, WY

Aspen Carbondale Glenwood Basalt, CO

Kremmling, CO

Burlington, WI
Boiling Springs/Spartanburg NC/SC


Huntsville, AL

The Wave Savannah/Hilton Head SC

Dallas, NC

09.25.07Movin' on up!

"Salvation In Lights" continues its ascent up the Billboard Americana charts, to #23!!! 
Also, check the tour page for all Mike Farris tourdates. Birmingham, Nashville, Naperville (IL), Pinewood (TN), we're coming your way!

09.21.07Mike LIVE in Baltimore tonight!

Mike is doing an instore performance tonight at 8 PM at the Baltimore Chop bookstore/coffee shop at 625 Washington Blvd. for more information, visit the Baltimore Chop web site or visit their web site.

09.05.07Billboard charts debut!

"Salvation In Lights" made its debut on the Billboard Americana chart last week at #40, and has since moved up to #34!
More dates have been added, visit the tour page for all Mike Farris tour dates.


Stay tuned to the tour page; dates are starting to roll in, with more on the way! 

08.16.07Positive reviews...

The positive reviews for "Salvation in Lights" continue to roll in! Check out the press page for these as they become available!
Nashville fans can check us out at the Basement on August 18th! Check the tour page for the details on that show.

08.02.07Reflections and Directions

Thank you to everyone who has written in with well wishes and prayers. My apologies for not personally addressing each one, but please know that it made a great deal of difference to all of us to witness the outpouring of support in this trying time.

The past few days I realized that one of the most important things I can do is get back to work and carry "S.I.L."  in Rose' name. Afterall, this entire thing was her idea....I'll share a story with you guys; a few nights before Rose died, I was up in her room and had been up for what seemed like weeks with no sleep. Around 2 in the morning I decided I would do some business and read emails, etc..well, about once a week I google my name and "Salvation In Lights" to look for articles, reviews, etc. so I can send out to the people who need to see these things. I've been doing all this since Rose fell ill in February, pretty much managing myself since that time (there was a time when that woulda been a scary, scary thought, hehehehehe!). I came across a review from Barnes and Nobles and read it and she POPPED up out of bed, actually sat UP in bed and started going on and on about how she just couldn't believe all this was happening and started to tell me how the pain that had been crippling her minutes before was now GONE!! She was so genuinely happy for us both! I realized then that she was amazed at the timing of all these things...that she was in her twilight and that our hard work over for the past 15 years had finally come to this beautiful fruition in just the nick of time. The next morning I said goodbye to Rose. We hugged and cried for several minutes and then she asked me if I thought this was the end, to which I told her, no...3 days later the most wonderful person I have ever known was gone from here...it's still unreal to me. I'm better today though. I have worked piled up and it's forcing me to move forward and work...we have tours we need to schedule (and we still don't have a booking agent for secular, and that's proven to be harder than gettin a record deal!!) so  I'm having to book shows on my own...I have to begin the search for a new manager or management company..AND I had back surgery the week Rose fell ill and so I am recovering from THAT still!!!! One awesome item of note is that Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, out of Lexington Kentucky, has invited us up to play on Sept. 10th at the amazing Kentucky Theater!! This is really really amazing to me in that Rose had forwarded their newsletter to me for YEARS now, saying she really wanted us to play the show one day! HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I'm sure she is not so amazed at how things work out now, but very proud and happy, none the less!!!! I love you Rose!

Thanks again, everybody, for being so thoughtful and kind! I really wish I could have written you all back personally, but there's just too too many of you now!!! If anyone has any ideas as to where we can come play our music, now's the time to speak up!! It's time this caravan gets rollin down the highway!!!!

Here's hoping you all have a uniquely amazing day and week!

Blue skies,


08.01.07Billings Gazette review of "Salvation in Lights"

Chris Jorgenson of the Billings Gazette had some great things to say about "Salvation in Lights." Read the review here

07.19.07More praise and some Grammy buzz...

Vincent Wynne at listennashville.com says "Expect Farris's new record to earn him a grammy nomination, and his live show is simply amazing."

07.17.07My Dear Rose...

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you all that my dear, sweet Rose has passed out of this earth. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in February. 
For those who do not know, Rose McGathy was my manager for nearly 15 years. Her and her husband, Bill McGathy, managed the Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, and then after her and Bill's divorce and the breakup of SCW , she continued to manage my career.
However, she was so so much more to me and my family. My family and I have just lost the most wonderful person we  have ever known. My heart is sad. I loved her so. She will truly be missed by everyone who ever knew her.
Memorial services are being held for Rose this Friday at:
St Ann's Catholic Church
440 East Elliot
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: 480.892.0905

Please do not send flowers (Rose insisted!).
Instead, donations may be made, in memory of Rosanne McGathy, to: Humane Society of the United States OR American Cancer Society.

07.11.07Barnes & Noble praises "Salvation in Lights"

"Most guys slog it out in a rock band, develop some bad road-associated habits, clean up, find God, and go on to produce the worst music of their careers. Not Mike Farris. The scandalously underrated singer and guitarist with the Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies is resurrected on Salvation in Lights and the greasy rock-a-roll belter is reborn a sanctified soul shouter..."

07.02.07Christianity Today interviews Mike

"One of the year's biggest buzz artists in Christian music touches on his love of blues-rock and gospel, his struggles with addiction, and his new life in Christ."

06.30.07Review of the cd-release show

listennashville.com called Mike Farris' cd-release show one of the best performances in Nashville in 2007!

06.29.07Mike Farris live on the Gospel Music Channel!

Check out Mike Farris and The Rosedale Rhythm Revue live on the Gospel Music Channel's Front Row Live! The world television premiere is June 30 at 8pm EDT, with encores scheduled for July 3 and 17 at 9pm EDT.
Mike Farris live on the Gospel Music Channel - enter to win a guitar autographed by Mike Farris!
Enter to win a guitar autographed by Mike Farris over at the Gospel Music Channel web site!  

06.27.07Christian Music Today review

"When people speak of buzz albums, they usually refer to young artists with a fresh sound or skillfully crafted songwriting. You know, something with commercial appeal. An old-school blues record with covers of gospel music standards wouldn't seem likely to cause a stir, yet there's excitement throughout the Christian music biz over Salvation in Lights by the relatively unknown Mike Farris."

06.21.07Stream Music From "Salvation in Lights" - 24 hours only!

06.15.07Gospel Music Channel timechange

Please note: The Gospel Music Channel 1 hour special, "Front Row Live," featuring Mike and his entire band, will air at 8pm EDT on June 30, not 9pm, as previously reported. 

06.12.07iTunes Discovery Download

Mike Farris is the iTunes Discovery Download for the week of 06.12.07. Download the first song from "Salvation in Lights," "Sit Down Servant" for FREE on iTunes now!

06.08.07LIVE IN CONCERT! Official Debut Friday, June 29, 2007

It is our distinguished honor to announce to you for the first time, an evening with Mike Farris featuring the 14th St. Rhythm Revue LIVE IN CONCERT.
Friday, June 29th, 2007
at the historic and amazing *Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN
Doors: 7:00pm
Showtime: 8:00pm

Ticket Information:  on sale Monday, June 11th, 2007 via TicketWeb OR go by Grimey's in Nashville, to purchase. For more info on Grimey's, visit Grimey's web site

*This is not your average concert venue!! Downtown Presbyterian Church was built in 1816. It is a registered historic national landmark. The sanctuary itself is designed in "Egyptian Revival" style and is quite honestly, stunningly beautiful. We feel it is the perfect place to officially debut Mike Farris and his new album Salvation In Lights and we are all honored that the fine folks at DPC would allow us to use this facility for this rare concert event. This building, as you'll find, is just as unique and wonderful as the music itself. So prepare yourself for a night of superb music and inspiration in Nashville's most amazing hidden gem for this very rare performance inside the walls of historic Downtown Presbyterian Church!.

Don't forget to stop by Grimey's on Tuesday, June 26th for an acoustic set with Mike Farris and members of the Rosedale Ave. Rhythm Revue!!! This is the day of the release!

06.06.07Infuze reviews "Salvation in Lights"

Infuze had this to say about "Salvation in Lights":
“Farris takes the themes, the rhythms and the soul of the spirituals and shows that whether classic or new, songs which touch on the need for healing and redemption are just as relevant today as they were in decades and centuries past.” 

06.04.07Get the Gospel Music Channel in your area!

The Gospel Music Channel will be airing the 1 hour special, "Front Row Live," featuring Mike and his entire band at 8pm EDT on June 30 to coincide with the release of "Salvation in Lights." Here's a link to see if your local cable service provider does/does not carry GMC. If not, you'll also find instructions on how to request the station in your area.
If you miss the initial airing, don't fret, they'll be airing it several times after AND even more good news is that GMC has taped several more shows featuring Mike:
  • Hot List is a video countdown show where Mike will be in studio counting down his favorite videos. This show airs at 8pm EDT on August 18.
  • He also cut some commercials and all kinds of other little tidbits, including a Q & A
If you really feel the need to keep up with all the goings on, getting GMC in your neck of the woods is a good idea.

05.30.07Nashville in-store!

Here we go folks!! Grimey's Music is hosting an in-store with Mike Farris and his band  on the street date of Salvation In Lights, which is June 26th at 6pm. Mike will be doing songs off the album and then will gladly sign your copies of S.I.L., of course. Make plans now to be there. For more information on Grimey's, check out the link below! Hope to see you there!

05.29.07"Salvation in Lights" is out soon!

Many great things happening soon! 
  • Radio adds are rolling in from all over the country
  • we'll be the iTunes "Discovery Download" sometime soon in the month of June
  • Barnes & Noble will be doing a feature sometime in June
As part of the whole push up to the album debut on the 26th, we are gonna be having lots of contests and giving away lots of cool stuff. Keep checking back here for details on that, or sign up for the mailing list to be kept in the loop!
For more on what's been going on with me, check out my latest blog at the Mike Farris myspace page
Kindest regards,

05.10.07Watch the Mike Farris Electronic Press Kit!

04.13.07The Yellow Tangerine

The Yellow Tangerine - A Two Night Musical Experience 
BB King's
152 2nd Ave. North 
Nashville, TN 
04.23.2007, 04.24.2007 - 6pm
Other Artists: The Afters, Decemberadio, Building 429, Foreign Oren, Sienna, Phil Danyew, Jackson Waters, Group 1 Crew, Slingshot 57, Mercy Me, Nate Sallie, Connersvine, Phil Wickham, Jake Smith, High Flight Society, Creswell, Rick Mugrage, After Edmund, Ilia
Click here for the show flyer

04.12.07Salvation In Lights Pre-Sale NOW

03.12.07Gospel Music LIVE!!!!! can you dig it!!!

The Gospel Music Channel recently invited us to do a live one hour special on our music.We brought the full band, which is 11 pieces total!
The show was shot entirely in high definition, and is set to air sometime later this year - check back for updates on that or sign up for the mailing list! For more thoughts on our day at the Gospel Music Channel taping, please check out the Mike Farris myspace blog 

03.11.07Welcome Old Friends and New To the Official Mike Farris Web Site!

It’s been a while and we’re so glad to be back.  We hope you’ll join Mike on a very special journey into the future with a collection of songs that are sure to stir your spirit, body and mind.  These songs, some original and some reworked traditional gospel compositions, flow seamlessly and express the joyfulness of life even through the trials and tribulations of everyday existence.  Salvation In Lights is a celebration, an uplifting experience.
Mike was born to sing these songs and to share them with you.  We were very fortunate to find INO Records and Jeff Moseley, a visionary in a world sadly lacking of heroes, who immediately “got” what Mike was attempting to do.  INO is a Christian label based in Nashville, their secular partner is Columbia/Sony.
Many of you know Mike through his years with our beloved Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, his stint with Double Trouble, Peaceful Knievel and his previous solo work, Goodnight Sun.  This album, Salvation In Lights, is based on his love of inspirational music and a culmination of all his previous works.  He is musically and vocally at the pinnacle of his career.
Salvation In Lights will be released on June 12, 2007.  We will post all news including tour plans as they become available.  Please sign up for the mailing list so we can stay in touch with you.  We will be adding news on an almost daily basis, so please check back often!  You are very important to us!  We will need your support to bring Mike and his music to the world.
Mean It! Management


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